Pruning Boxwoods

My Personal Gardener has been an important part of Atlanta landscaping for over 15 years. We provide complete landscape maintenance programs as well as seasonal pruning and one-time clean ups. Our team has decades of hands-on experience pruning every shrub and tree that lives in this area.  In Atlanta landscaping, power shears have become the tool of choice for most companies. Power shears are fast and easy…and they shorten the life of everything they touch. Almost all of our pruning is done the old fashioned way – hand pruning. We shun the use of power shears for almost all pruning, especially pruning Boxwoods.

Boxwoods are one of the staples of Atlanta landscaping.

They are extremely versatile and can be used in almost any style of garden. From strict and formal landscapes to gardens designed on controlled chaos, Boxwoods play an important role. Unfortunately, Boxwoods can be temperamental plants, especially when they live in the shade. Making matters worse, few companies know how to properly hand prune Boxwoods.

We have extensive experience pruning Boxwoods to keep them full and healthy. Proper hand pruning also makes them more resistant to insects and disease, reducing the cost and environmental impact of insecticides and fungicides. Properly pruning Boxwoods is one of the most important elements of their success, but few people have the experience and take the time to do it right.

Corrective Pruning Boxwoods

In addition to maintenance pruning on well-maintained Boxwoods, we are regularly called in for corrective pruning. Corrective pruning is just as it sounds: Extensive pruning on plants damaged by improper care, a poor environment or years of power shearing. By the time we get the call, plants are generally in rough shape. The branches are sagging, there are large gaps in the canopy and frequently there is damage from Leaf Miners or crown rot.

We can keep this from happening to you and your landscape. And if it has already happened, we are the people to call to correct it.

A common practice for us before pruning Boxwoods, or any other important plant, is to evaluate the surrounding environment. Sometimes, pruning Boxwoods is less about pruning Boxwoods…and more about pruning the plants around the Boxwood. In the world of Atlanta landscaping, immediate gratification is often demanded. This means new plants and trees are planted close together to make the landscape look mature from the beginning. This is great for the first few years, but then it becomes a real problem. Plants, like most people, like their space. Surveying the surroundings and establishing goals are the first steps we take before making our first cut.

We offer everything from full, weekly maintenance programs to customized pruning programs designed for your particular landscape.

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