About Us

From Public Storage To Your Garden

We started twenty years ago with two guys in a pick-up truck. It was a transition out of the corporate world to a lifestyle that allowed us to spend more time with family - and less time with Delta. We started with a handful of clients scattered around the area and a small garage rented in the Public Storage on Piedmont Road…where the manager would complain daily, with great conviction, about our truck leaving dirt in his parking lot…ahhh, to be young again.

Our goal has always been to hire the best people – reliable, honest, experienced and knowledgeable in horticulture - as enrollment in horticulture and agriculture schools declines each year, this becomes increasingly difficult. As our name implies, we wanted to bring that knowledge and experience – that of an Estate Gardener, or Personal Gardener - to every property.

In response to requests from our clients we expanded our services to take more of the hassle out of home ownership. We encourage our clients to call us - any time and for any thing. We are happy to change exterior light bulbs, reset timers, deliver firewood, manage secondary contractors for plumbing, electrical, and more (interior and exterior), oil your squeeky door or gate, setup and remove your christmas tree, move your 8,000lb sofa from point A to point B.

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