To Mask or Not to Mask, That is (Not) the Question

To Mask or Not to Mask, That is (Not) the Question

Our company is made up mostly of conservatives, but we try not to be complete idiots. We’ve left all of our fashion sense behind and don’t hesitate to wear masks if we have to be within 10’ of someone. We pay our people to drive their personal cars to help them keep their distance…which has put us on a first name basis with neighborhood security officers who give the side-eye to the beat up Toyotas parading down the street. We wash our hands and go through massive quantities of bleach, Lysol and hand sanitizer – the bleach stains on our clothes, and our nails…OMG, our nails!  In all seriousness, we continue to do our part to contain the spread and hopefully help to minimize the growing economic impact. 

In other words, nothing has changed for us. We don’t know if there is a real risk of transmission via hoses, gate latches, door knobs, irrigation controllers and such, but we think it would display a fabulous stroke of ignorance for us to go back to ‘business as usual’.  The operating protocols we put in place late in February remain in place today. They increase our operating expenses and create a bit of comedic chaos on a daily basis (when a member of our team follows the wrong truck, for instance), but we feel it is necessary to keep you and our people safe.

Maybe the naysayers are correct and there is no virus, no risk, no problem, but none of us want COVID-19, and we don’t want to risk giving it to you.  We just wanted to make sure you know that we’re still being very cautious around your home, for your sake and our own.

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