Benefits of Proper Pruning

After years of being improperly pruned, this incredible hedge of Camellia Japonicas is now thriving.  First, we hand pruned the entire hedge to open the upper canopy, which will allow more sun and air flow throughout the entire hedge. Now after being properly pruned, for the first time you can see rays of sun shine through to the ground.
Second, using a combination of ingredients, we “washed” the entire hedge multiple times to remove the black, sticky residue that covered the leaves. This wash also eliminated the infestation of White Flies swarming around the plants.
Third, for some residual control of White Flies, we treated the plants with a systemic insecticide.
As you can see, the Camellias are bursting with healthy new growth, so you might assume we fertilized. No, we did not. This healthy new growth is from the plants being healthy, and rarely does fertilization make a plant healthy.
If your Camellias are struggling, call us. We want to help.

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